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"Madonna of the Pomegranate", Sandro Botticelli


Girl with a pearl earring mosaic reproduction

It is important to enter the picture, to breathe the sensations, the emotions that the picture itself emanates. In the artistic mosaic reproductions of famous works it is essential to get in tune with the work itself, to express those values and sensations that the artist originally wanted to transmit.

At the same time, technique and experience are the fundamental ingredients for translating with mosaic, what and how much the picture represents, and making it eternal, over time.

On the left: Artistic reproduction of

"Girl with a pearl earring" di Jan Vermeer, 1575

The renovations, a discipline based on skilled workers, an ancient art handed down from generation to generation. Renovate and revalue what has been deteriorated over time or lost, is a task that requires passion and ability, combined with a profound experience. It requires a lot of attention, but once finished it gives us joy and satisfaction, for bringing back to light those beauties that tell the story of all of us, passing on to the future generations the ancient techniques of a past to be discovered and valued.

Above picture:

external view of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam 

On the left:

phase of renovation of the Rijksmuseum paving,

during the visit of the cultural superintendency.

Golden bathroom with venetian enamels and gold leaf mosaic

The interiors and decorations in mosaic represent today, what for the ancients was in the past: the love for beauty that is handed down over time. The decorations of the internal private spaces, were known and diffused since ancient times, we find representations and decorations in mosaic in the remains of the ancient Pompeii, in Aquileia, Rome, Istanbul etc ...

At that time allegorical figures, geomeric decorations, biblical representations, constituted ornaments of houses, bathrooms and gardens. Today, as then, we dedicate part of our business to realize exclusive projects, for dreamy interiors.


Wall decoration with image of cherubs.

On the left:

Floral decoration of a bathroom with gold leaf mosaics.

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