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Garden at Sainte-Adresse

The Sainte-Adresse terrace is a painting by the French painter Claude Monet,

made in 1867 and kept at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Below: mosaic during composition

Original Painting by Claude Monet

With the Garden at Sainte-Adresse Monet confirms his intention to capture in his paintings the carefree and sparkling atmosphere that animated the France of the Third Republic. It is a sweet spring afternoon, and the sun - now low on the horizon - projects on the elegant gray paving of the terrace warm and long shadows.

Monet Original Painting

This work, as well as the contents, is particularly interesting for the technique, which is perfectly able to give the impression of a sunny day of spring, generating in the image effects of great brightness and chromatic brilliance. In order to obtain this softened glow Monet uses a palette composed exclusively of pure colors and arranges the various chromatic regions in such a way that these, interacting with each other, can exalt or depress each other according to their needs. 

Mosaic Artwork

Mosaic Reproduction Garden at Sainte-Adresse Monet

The representation of Monet is made up of stains of color, just like a mosaic. Tiles and enamels are spots of color, apparently instinctive brushstrokes, which make up a painting, merging colors, lights, and reflections.


Venetian enamels and gold leaf mosaic.



115x153 cm.

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