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Alba Madonna

The mosaic reproduces the "Alba Madonna" an oil painting canvas by Raffaello Sanzio,

datable to around 1511 and now kept in the National Gallery of Art in Washington.

Alba Madonna original painting

Original Painting By Raffaello Sanzio

The Alba Madonna is a breathtakingly beautiful work of art, delicate pastel colours used by the artist, and revealed the subtle depth and brilliancy of the landscape background. The buildings on the hilltop at the right-hand edge of the composition are caught by a raking light and have been misted by varying degrees of haze to create the illusion of relative distance from the eye – a technique known as aerial perspective. The far mountains are similarly hazed by distance to a rich azure, while the sky above varies in colour from Wedgewood blue, at its apex, to a cool milky-white on the horizon. This range of colours is repeated in the folds and shadows of the Madonna’s blue robes, which at once echo and animate the circular shape of the composition. A monumental, comforting figure, clothed in robes that look as if woven from a piece of fallen sky, she seems like a world unto herself. 

Below: the mosaic work during construction

Alba Madonna Raphael Mosaic Reproduction

Mosaic Artwork

The representation in mosaic follows the work performed by the famous artist, in which colors and shades are powered by the reflections of precious Venetian enamels.

Mosaic composition:

Venetian enamels and gold leaf mosaic.



147x147 cm.

Below: The work performed before framing.

Alba Madonna Raphael Mosaic Reproduction
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