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Madonna Of The Magnificat

The Madonna of the Magnificat, Italian: Madonna del Magnificat, is a painting of circular or tondo form

by the Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli. It is now in the galleries of the Uffizi, in Florence.

Madonna Magnificat Botticelli

Original Painting By Sandro Botticelli

The Virgin, with the Child on her knees, is crowned by two angels while she is writing in a book the words of the Gospel of Luke: "Magnificat anima mea Dominum" (My soul magnifies the Lord). The Child guides his arm, witnessing the perfect agreement between God and his chosen one, holding in the other the pomegranate, which is a symbol of royalty and fertility (it has a crown and is rich in seeds), besides the red grains refer to the blood of the Passion, prefiguring it, and the grains kept together under the peel remind us of the unity of the Church.

In this work, Sandro Botticellich tries to combine classical naturalism with Christian spiritualism.

Madonna Magnificat Botticelli Mosaic Reproduction

Mosaic Artwork

Colors, details, looks, all meticulously reinterpreted in an artistic key with a faithful mosaic, to make Botticelli's masterpiece eternal.



Venetian enamels and gold leaf mosaic.



147x147 cm.

Below: The work performed before framing.

Madonna Magnificat Botticelli Mosaic Reproduction
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