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The Transfiguration is a fat tempera painting on a table by Raphael, datable to 1518-1520 and kept in the Vatican Art Gallery.

It is the last work performed by the artist before his death, completed in the lower part by Giulio Romano.

Below: reversed mosaic during composing

Transfiguration original painting by Raphael

Origianal Painting by Raffaello Sanzio

The upper register of the painting shows the Transfiguration itself (on Mount Tabor, according to tradition), with the transfigured Christ floating in front of illuminated clouds, between the prophets Moses, on the right, and Elijah, on the left with whom he is conversing.

In the lower register, Raphael depicts the Apostles attempting to free the possessed boy of his demonic possession. They are unable to cure the sick child until the arrival of the recently transfigured Christ, who performs a miracle. The youth is no longer prostrate from his seizure but is standing on his feet, and his mouth is open, which signals the departure of the demonic spirit. As his last work before this death, Raphael, joins the two scenes together as his final testament to the healing power of the transfigured Christ.

According to Goethe: "The two are one: below suffering, need, above, effective power, succour. Each bearing on the other, both interacting with one another."

Raphael's Transfiguration can be considered a prefiguration of both Mannerism, as evidenced by the stylised, contorted poses of the figures at the bottom of the picture; and of Baroque painting, as evidenced by the dramatic tension imbued within those figures, and the strong use of chiaroscuro throughout.

Below: assembling the mosaic artwork

Assembling Mosaic Artwok
Framing Mosaic Artwok
Framed Mosaic Artwok
Mosaic Reproduction Transfiguration by Raphael

The majesty of the work, emanating from a whirlwind of colors, expressions and gestures, required a patient and elaborate mosaic reproduction. The enamels create a game of reflections and lights in which everything moves, is dynamic, to recreate that energy desired by Raphael.


Venetian enamels and gold leaf mosaic.



458x314 cm.

Mosaic Artwork

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